Ignition™. A New Book by Dr. Kathryn Ritchie.

Ignition™, the proprietary and world-renowned strategic execution methodology developed by Ignition Institute founder, Dr. Kathryn Ritchie, is now to be explained in detail in a new book that is currently in development. The book will explore how the method was developed, what results subject organizations can expect to achieve with it, and why it works.

Ignition, Dr. Ritchie explains, is outcome and industry agnostic. You can deploy the framework as an operating system inside any leadership team in any organization, in any industry, in any place on earth. Whatever outcome is desired, the Ignition™ process guides the leadership team to uncover and implement a powerful and streamlined plan to achieve it. Whether it is xx% revenue growth, culture shifts, expansion, contraction, acquisition, or any imaginable outcome, Ignition is designed to deliver it.

The book, planned for release in late 2019 by publisher Enigami & Rednow in New York, will be a valuable tool to introduce the work of Dr. Ritchie and the growing international team of consultants who deliver it.

2 Comments on “Ignition™. A New Book by Dr. Kathryn Ritchie.”

  1. Hi Kathryn

    I’m friends with Simon Mills (in NYC) who was telling me about the wonderful work you are doing. I look forward to reading your book when available.

    With Appreciation

    Clayton Oates

  2. Hi,

    Was wondering if you could let me know when the book is out.

    Was also wondering if you do any seminars or webinars based on your framework? reading is one thing but implementing in practice is different.

    thank you

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