We can ignite the potential of your organization in three ways:

  • Ignite

    Ignition® disrupts traditional consulting models by building capability into organizations. It is a proven, proprietary method to help you clarify your strategic direction, strengthen the team dynamic and build the discipline to deliver.

  • Accelerate

    We review your capabilities for executing your strategy, driving momentum and alignment while onboarding and focusing your talent. We then conduct a leadership health check, aligning your culture for execution and moving your organization from “thinking” to “delivering” results.

  • Excel

    Through an international team we provide 24/7 support and delivery to help you execute your strategy, iterate, refine and maintain it long-term.

The Ignition® Method

Ignition® is our unique approach to igniting and accelerating performance through aligned strategy and execution. We do this in three steps:

A diagram with three flame coloured sections, reading Enough Clarity, Enough Discipline, Enough Cohesion
  • 01


    Through interviews and an industry deep dive, we immerse ourselves in your strategic issues, culture and leadership team dynamics.

  • 02

    The Strategy Room

    An intensive virtual or live working session from 1 up to 400 plus, where we navigate the chaos towards a clear strategy.

  • 03

    Lock In

    We work with individual team members and/or business units to lock in the aligned execution of the strategy through peer advisory, customized for your unique culture. You get an actionable, ownable business plan framework with complete buy-in.

Examples of Ignition at work

Women sitting around a table at an Ignition Institute event

We rekindled growth and sparked a successful exit

A fast growth tech company was experiencing hyper-growth as first mover in the B2C space, but new entrants threatened their success. Ignition Institute lead a multi-year engagement to clarify strategy, coach leadership and bring heightened cohesion to the team. By using existing core competencies to develop a B2B proposition, the company went from falling behind to reaching a successful 4X plus exit.

Dr Kathryn explaining the Ignition Institute model at an event

We ignited a new strategy that has proven resilient in tough times

A holding company was facing increased competition locally, online, and from international imports. A CEO looking for a winning strategy brought in Ignition to work bespoke with the leaders of the portfolio companies to align around a strategy and generate a rhythm of execution. Now, growth is accelerating, leaders, and their strategies are strengthening and maturing. This has stood them in good stead through Covid 19 times.

Dr Christina seen around a table at an Ignition Institute event

We fanned the flames of success by unblocking complexity

Across multiple owners over six years, Ignition worked with a sanitation supply company to get their organization clear of strategy, aligned and ready for sale. A culture survey uncovered a need for deeper cohesion. We convened the gamut of leadership, from in-the-field leaders through the C-Suite to build leadership skills and team dynamics. By taking a very pragmatic approach to strategy development, we reached just ‘enough’ clarity, cohesion, and discipline for them to move through two highly successful exits.

Dr Kathryn writing on a white board

We uncovered opportunities and path for rapid success

A successful family-owned facilities management company had organically grown for decades – they now wanted to define their next stage of growth. Ignition Institute did deep immersion interviews to understand the current situation and to uncover where the opportunities lay. Relentlessly focused on pushing strategy into execution, the company made massive strides in six months. By embedding the disciplines in the leadership team and beyond, the Ignition process rapidly unleashed substantial performance uplift.

Our clients

We specialize in supporting mid market organizations with between $20M and $1B annual revenue that are experiencing change or inertia that impacts their ability to perform at the highest levels.

Hear from some of our clients:

  • Scott Kirkpatrick

    Former COO of General Assembly, Scott is now CEO of Brainpop in New York. Ignition Institute conducted extensive in-room facilitation to help GA build momentum in their business.

  • Barbara Harrison

    CHRO of GUD Holdings in Australia and NZ. Barb has experienced Ignition first-hand in both live and virtual sessions.

  • Kevin Baird

    A highly-successful, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, founder and Chair of the NGO, Global Center for College and Career Readiness, Executive and Adviser to EdTech company Achieve3000 and Director of Non-profit Nabu.org, Kevin continues to value the Ignition process across his many affiliations.