Directional Elements of ii

Because you want your people to be:

• Outcomes focused
• Moving with speed
• Exceeding the goals you’ve set


Our Ignition process is a proven, proprietary method to help you find the balance between the enoughs. Enough Clarity, enough discipline, enough cohesion.

Rebranding Rationale | KRS to ii

When Dr. Kathryn Ritchie adapted her deep knowledge of neurology and speech pathology to become a corporate transformation powerhouse over 20 years ago, KR Strategy made perfect sense as a brand. As Ignition® grew as a product, it became evident that the process could and should expand its reach and be implemented by teams of consultants instead of Kathryn alone.

Ignition® disrupts traditional consulting models by building capability into organizations. This educational-vs-consultative approach, called for a brand that communicated the philosophy of embeddable-knowledge. Ignition Institute was born and will lead the company into an exciting and powerful expansion spanning multiple countries, countless industries, and new heights of empowerment for our clients.